Introducing Dewey

The best way to save bookmarks, create collections and share with groups.


Add and Organize Bookmarks

Dewey makes it easy to add and organize bookmarks through an elegant and easy-to-use interface. Tags and filters make it easy to organize.

Create and Share Collections

Collections are a great way to organize a set of bookmarks around a theme, idea or interest. Easily create a collection, add bookmarks and even invite friends to contribute and share.

Start a Group

Groups are a great way for companies, organizations or friends to add, share and collect bookmarks. You can even create collections just for your group.

Discuss and Reflect

Don't just share bookmarks and collections, discuss them with your friends and colleagues. Dewey allows you to easy to start a discussion on a bookmark or collection.

Powerful Search

Quickly and easily find what you're looking for


Favorite bookmarks and collections for easy access

Bookmark Extensions

Easily add bookmarks in one click

Import Your Bookmarks

Already have bookmarks? Import them all!